2017 Officers
Meets: 3rd Monday of each month - RM 1 - 7:00PM
Jack Everly - President - 816.740.3268 | 816.217.7292 Cell
Tom Krahenbuhl - Secretary - 816.554.8387 - tomkrahenbuhl@gmail.com
The Mounted Guard of Ararat Shrine was formed in October 1924. For many years, the membership of the Mounted Guard was made up of persons who were connected to the Kansas City stockyards, however in recent years, the members come from all walks of life.

The horses used by the Mounted Guard must be bay geldings with a black mane and tail and must stand 15 hands 1 inch to 15 hands 3 inches. The only other color used is now white horses which are used as the color guard.

All parade and drill tack, equipment and oriental uniforms are owned by the unit and are kept in a custom built trailer which contains 32 individual saddle racks and all other necessary equipment.

The unit has performed from coast to coast and border to border including the Parade of Champions of North America. For over 50 years they have been a part of the American Royal Horse Show.

Each member upon his election to Active Membership is required to have for his use a horse of the type acceptable to the Mounted Guard. Such horse shall be a Quarter-Type gelding, Bay in color with black mane and tail, having little or no white. Horses must be 15.1 hands to 15.3 hands tall (61 to 63 inches).
Information on the Tournament can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Proceeds from this event are for the benefit of The Mounted Guard. Payments are not deducted as charitable contributions. The proceeds of this event will benefit 10,000 children who will attend the Ararat Shrine Circus!

The idea of a special free Shrine Circus Performance for school children was conceived by members of the Mounted Guard several years ago. They had presented their precision drill as a part of a county fair program and they noticed how very much the youngsters enjoyed the evening's entertainment. The thought came to them that the youngsters would really go for a circus. As a result, this special circus performance became a reality. This is the 54th Annual Special Shrine Circus performance sponsored by the Ararat Mounted Guard. During the years, attendance at the performance has grown from approximately 3,000 to approximately 10,000 children. We know that the youngsters have fun at this performance and we know that we enjoy it.